Hello and welcome to Zona Credit’s money transfer page.

its content will be useful and is geared to the following customer categories:

– Natural persons who live abroad and who sending money to Bulgaria, respectively receiving money;
– Individuals who regularly carry out inter bank transfers in Bulgaria or abroad;
– Companies whose business is associated with multiple inter bank money transfers;
– Companies that export and have to pay for money transfers outside country.

Since Partners Consult Ltd. has signed agreements with the two leading transfer companies TransferWise and Paysera, we have tried to briefly explain the nature of the service that you can use after a short registration from our site.

If you have difficulty signing up or have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us on our contact phones or write to the official email.

What is the TransferWise service and how does it work?

TransferWise (www.transferwise.com) is a company founded by the first Skype employee and assisted by Richard Branson,

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which aims to make international translations much more equitable and cheaper. The principle that they manage to make their service so cheap is very easy. A consumer wishing to send funds transfers the amount to a TransferWise account in the same country, then TransferWise translates the corresponding amount from their account into the recipient country to the payee’s account. The system is the basis of free or very cheap local transfers where money never leaves the border and thus avoids expensive bank charges.

Each month, TransferWise makes over $ 1 billion of transactions, saving more than $ 1 million of standard bank fees to its users. In addition, TransferWise is extremely fair with the exchange rate of the user, taking the official daily (sell and buy) currencies of the specified currency and taking the average. the midmarket rate that banks use to exchange money with each other.




  • – Transparent fee for translation
  • – Right from the start, we know how much the translation will cost us.
    comparison with competing companies

    – Fair exchange rate

  • – We can easily compare with Xe.com, Google Currencies and Reuters
  • – Exact amount to receive
  • – Right from the start, we know exactly how much the recipient will receive in your account.

Security: TransferWise is a fully licensed service by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and operates under the EU Payments Directive.
Coverage: The TransferWise service covers 39 currencies.


in her capacity to affiliate of TransferWise, propose the opportunity after short registration to use TransferWise services easy and accessible.

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                                                                                                                                                                                             Лого на Paysera
Industry Payment services
Founded Y 2004
Residence VilniusФлаг на Литва Lithuania 
Number placess Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Slovakia
Servises electronic payments
Motto Making Payments Simple
e site www.paysera.com

“Paysera LT” (before “EVP International” – until 2016 and “Electronic Business Projects” – until 2008) is a Lithuanian company that provides electronic payment services to individuals and legal entities. The company has developed and operates its own Paysera payment system. “Paysera LT” works with over 180 countries and over 70 banks.

Paysera LT launches its business with Paysera Checkout for online merchants.

Paysera also offers international currency transfers for individuals and companies. In addition to international transfers, system users have the option of making transfers between accounts in Paysera free of charge.

ZonaCredit , as a Paysera partner, provides the opportunity to use the services easily and easily after a short registration.

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